Stand and carry position


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Vishicage 10 months ago
LOL. He’s a salesman Yvonne. Gigi is beneath his salesman powers. It would hardly be a challenge.
Shaktijar 10 months ago
Why do you think that before asking?
Nikorr 10 months ago
Oh Miss Adrastea! Oh yes Miss Adrastea! Your eyes are just amazing and that mouth of yours is incredible. Don't worry, I'm a man-craving sissy, not a stalker and if you were still worried it's okay, I live in Australia but I have to say this I have never craved a woman like I do when I look at you! Good Lord Miss Adrastea!
Braktilar 10 months ago
Que preciosidad de coño. Y encima andaluz, ese coño tiene que ser mio preciosa. Te voy a hacer un tributo si me das tu correo
Aralkis 10 months ago
Du bist heiss

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